Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Now for Dragon 10

For the past 6 months or so, we have been using the new Dragon 13 - as have many of our customers - and we're finding it to be an incredible time saver for doing dictation. The accuracy of Dragon 13 compared with previous versions is nothing short of impressive.

To that end, we'd like to do what we can to encourage those of you not using Dragon 13 to consider adding it to your dictation workflow. Whether you wish to use it to dictate directly into your computer or allow your transcriptionist to use it to process your voice recordings, there's no better way we know of improving your overall efficiency.

Here's the Offer
If you call 866-408-1383 and order Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, Dragon 13 Professional or Dragon 13 Legal, we suggest our Dragon Training Program for direct dictation This way you'll not only have the best speech-to-print tool on the market today, but you'll know how to use it!

Plus, you'll also receive a free copy of our hugely popular book, "Mastering Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10" (a $29 value). Note: if you order Dragon 13 Professional, we will give the book free; training is extra.

This offer is not available on our Web site, so you must call 866-408-1383 during business hours to order this special.


Lisa said...

It would have been nice if you sent the book to those who odered Dragon Pro 10 earlier on. I feel like my job would be so much easier if I actually knew how to really use the program because the recognition is great. Word of mouth us really the best way to grow the product so we should be given as much info as possble especially considering it's cost. Thank you, Liss

American Dictation said...

The reason we wrote the book was to help people with Dragon, as it is a complex program to master. The recognition is indeed remarkable, but to get the full value of the program, some help is usually warranted.

There is no other book we could find that put all this information about Dragon 10 into one publication. And it's been wildly successful (at only $29, too).

For this current promotion, we have been given some extra incentives by Nuance which we elected to use to include the book.

And while no book can truly replace hands-on training, $29 is a far cry less to invest than spending it on dull DVD's or expensive training courses.

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