Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dragon NaturallySpeaking in a Conference Room Environment

We have been receiving many calls from people interested in using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to automatically transcribe voice files recorded in a meeting or conference environment into text.

Unfortunately, in a group setting, this is not yet a possibility.

To use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with a digital recording, an individual user profile must be trained so that Dragon will be able to  accurately transcribe the digital recording. In addition, the speaker should be in close proximity to the recorder they're using to capture the best quality sound from the microphone on the recorder.  The further you distance yourself from the input device (the microphone), the lower the quality of recording Dragon will have to work with.

A conference or meeting is filled with many different people with many different speech patterns and even different accents. Also, in a conference environment, people have a tendency to speak over each other. Dragon NaturallySpeaking simply cannot discern one speaker from another, and the results would be jumbled at best.

For the individual digital dictation device user however, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Legal or Medical can be a great time saver. Once a user profile is trained by reading at least 16 minutes of text into a professional recorder, future recordings can be automatically run through Dragon to be transcribed into a text document. 

The recorded voice file will be integrated with the written document such that all corrections done by a third party, such as transcriptionist, legal secretary, or in-house office worker will actually be compared to the voice file and used to update the Dragon user profile to improve future accuracy.  Incredible, but True!
This shifts the burden of corrections in Dragon off of the user, and onto support staff, saving Time and Money.

Please feel free to visit us at American Dictation or Call us at 1-866-408-1383 at any time to answer your questions regarding Dragon NaturallySpeaking and digital voice recorder integration.


rama said...

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Dragon said...

I have been reading a lot about speech recognition programs and the like, very interesting, and with a ton of different applications too. One I read about was a father who was using it with his autistic son. The son seemed to enjoy the program. I thought that was awesome. However I think there are huge applications simply in regards to bloggers and those with physical limitations to typing and so forth, such as people with arthritis or other problems in their hands -or heck - no hands at all. Great programs. Good blog, enjoyed.

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