Friday, June 14, 2013

Nuance Healthcare Announces Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Today Nuance announces the availability of the latest version of its industry leading medical speech recognition software, Dragon Medical Practice 2.

The new version boats a 22% increase in accuracy over the previous version, Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  In addition to the out of the box accuracy improvement, the latest version will allow the user to use their iPhone or Android device as a microphone, is Windows 8 compatible, and has 90 medical specialty vocabularies, which is an increase from just over 60 specialties for the previous version.

With over 180,000 physicians currently using Dragon Medical, speech recognition has hit it's stride as an everyday productivity tool to ease the transition into Electronic Medical Records.  With practitioners ability to driectly dictate into most EHR systems comes not only productivity gains on the patient record creation, but also a simpler adoption of EHR technology as a whole.

For more information about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, contact American Dictation Corp. an Dragon Medcial Advantage partner with years of experience in training and support of the product.

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